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My mom’s superwoman is disguise. No, really. She could solve any problem, anything at all! Y’know that safe, secure feeling when you’re a kid, that nothing bad could ever happen to you cos your momma will make it go away?

My mom’s like that. From last minute homework help (‘why do you ALWAYS leave it for the night before’ notwithstanding) to instant stomachache cures (just sugar in water and a kiss but I didn’t know that then) to soothing day-before-the exam jitters (all she had to do was hold me, and I’d magically feel better)

But when she was diagnosed with cancer…it was a problem that even she could magically disappear away. The doctors said it was still early, that it hadn’t spread much…that she was lucky.

But she’d still have to have surgery, followed by the intense kind of chemo. This was because, even though it was caught early…it still wasn’t caught early enough. My mom, like most women out there, didn’t get a mammogram until after it was big enough for her to feel a lump.

And I can’t help thinking, if only I’d paid attention to the hundreds of breast cancer awareness programs out there, I might never have had to shave off my mother’s hair (after most of it fell out cos of the chemo) or watch her terrified face as needle after needle was injected into her arm, trying to find that elusive, shrunken vein, or hear the sickening clicking sounds as she does her daily arm exercises (edema, or swelling of the arm, almost always follows surgery unless the arm is exercised daily)

I know most of y’all are lying on a bed your mom turned down for you and probably eating something she just made for you. I know y’all love her… so don’t make my mistake, git off yer arses and DO something to keep her safe!

Bind her and gag her and drag her kicking and screaming all the way to the hospital if you have to. You know she’s worth it!

Make sure she checks for tiny painless lumps (like stones)in the breast every month.

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