How to Organise an Event?

How to host a hair donation event

Since funds are a major problem it is better to have one donor and let her donate in front of a crowd with media coverage.It could be a school assembly, club event or any event. All we need is 5 minutes to cut a ponytail. The idea is to create awareness and save hair from bin. All you need is one donor, measure the hair , make a ponytail and cut above the rubber band as per our instructions below.
.The youngest to organise was only 10 years old. So yes anyone can organise. Just contact your club, church, school etc and ask them for 5 minutes during their next event.
Before event.
Ensure you have a tape, elastic, scissors and plastic covers
If possible keep a banner like this .
Hair for hope India should be visible in the pictures.
Inform them to wash and dry hair
Make sure the hair is combed, a rubber band is tied at 12 inches and 13 inches after measuring with a tape
During the event
  • Follow instructions below on how to cut
  • to avoid wasting time during the event. during the event the stylist will just cut between the rubber band.
  • If there are too many donors it is better to measure and tie the hair before the event and at the main function the stylist or volunteer could just cut above the ponytail.
  • styling could be done later after the event.
  • Take a picture of all donors holding the ponytail (before putting in the cover0with the banner visible
  • Email or message the picture via facebook to Premi Mathew. Email
  • If you can whatsapp /email a short video from each donor about why they donated.
Videos of the hair cut could also be sent
How to cut- Click on