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The campaign was inspired by an 10 year old boy Dylan, an NRI who grew his hair for 4 years braving all bullying just to donate his hair.A chance meeting with him in 2012 inspired Premi Mathew to create awareness on her page called Protect your mom campaign in 2012. The first donor Nisha was inspired by a post on the page.
The campaign donated 60 wigs  with the help of ardent volunters like Nisha who is also the brand ambassador and Tushara Arun who ensures that the wig reaches deserving chemo patients. DM Foundation’s EDDC  provided valuable support by collecting the donated hair and sponsoring the cost of 30 wigs. EDDC provides free screening for cancer detection.It is a registered charitable organisation. The women’s forum of Sargashetra Cultural centre played a key role by recording receipt of hair , converting it into wigs and donating it to deserving chemo patients from 2014 to 2017. Over 600 wigs have been donated as on May 2017.

The grand plan is to get students with strong leadership skills in various parts of india to spread the campaign in schools and colleges. Several students have already played a key role in spreading it all over India.

A facebook group managed by Premi Mathew ,the founder connects all the volunteers from all over and aggregates them to different regions so that they can collaborate. It maybe the first such virtual organisation. Premi also manages the page ,PR, correspondence , website and the administration of events.We need strong volunteers like Deepika, Swetha and Soumya,  students who coordinated the events at  Bangalore , Manipal and Cochin University  successfully

Various organisations like NSS, Rotaract Clubs and registered charitable trusts like Sargakshetra Cultural Centre are organising hair donation and wig donation events and supporting the movement. Oberoi Mall , Mumbai and Mantri Mall Bangalore also held grand events covered by media in association with us. Chief of NSS , Mr Santhosh Kumar held one of the biggest events at Kochi. Amala Medical College , Trichur held one of the biggest wig donation events where 10 wigs were donated. The latest event was  at Gujarat organised by Leena, a cancer survivor in association with Rotary Club. The ladies Circle, Chennai too organised  an event in July 2015


We are now partnered with Cope with cancer . All donated hair goes to them

Hair donation and wig donation  is an ongoing activity of our NGO. Cope withcancer – Madat Trust, accept donated hair, and get them converted to wigs. The wigs are donated to patients receiving chemotherapy in Tata hospital and in other hospitals all over India.
Cope with cancer receives a large quantities of variable quality of hair. This is sorted according to their quality and then used to make a wig. Out of 5 kgs of good quality hair, about 8 short haired wigs get prepared as roughly only 40-50 % of all the donated hair  is good enough to be converted to wigs. These wigs need maintenance;  need regular shampoo and conditioner treatment. This means added costs to the patient, along with time and the effort. Almost all our wig recipients are from the lower socio-economic strata and cannot afford this expense. These patients also require long hair wigs so that they can tie it up in the way they normally do.
The natural hair wigs , are shoulder length, and are usually given to the affording patients who can maintain them well.

Against 5 kg of donated hair, that is unsuitable for preparing natural hair wigs , we can procure approximately 25 good quality synthetic long hair wigs which are easier to maintain.We swap some of the hair with the wigmakers to procure the synthetic hair wigs. They use this for other purposes like extensions etc.These synthetic hair wigs far more suitable for the poor patients as it is easy to maintain with no added cost.

NONE OF THE DONATED HAIR IS SOLD. All the donated hair is used to procure a wig for a patient on chemotherapy and is given to them AT NO COST.
Please note that we will use the donated hair, depending on its quality to produce a natural hair wig or to obtain a synthetic hair wig .

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