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Though the hair loss is painless and usually temporary, it is often one of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy and lowers the self-esteem of sufferers, making them withdraw into a shell!

But a wig with natural hair is very expensive. So it is criminal to throw away hair when people go for summer cuts. Not knowing that the hair which is wasted could actually bring a smile to a chemo patient


Hair for Hope India was started in June 19th 201 3 by Premi Mathew to create awareness about hair donation. A wig with natural hair is very expensive and is considered a luxury especially because chemo is very expensive and it is usually required only for 6 months-1 year. We collect donated hair and convert it into wigs and give it free to economically challenged chemo patients. It gives them the confidence to face society and more courage to fight the dreaded disease.



If you are mailing hair to us

IF you can cut in front of a crowd, a school assembly, club, office party etc it will help to create awareness . We need awareness more than the hair. Please contact if you can. It will take only 5 minutes. Someone has to just cut your hair after making a ponytail. 

  1. Hair must be clean (shampooed and/or conditioned), not oily without styling products, hairspray, or additional hair products
    DRY IT
  2. Tie hair into a ponytail (you could make four sections (six are even better if your hair is thick and dense) around the head for a more generous donation. Hair that is pulled into one ponytail or braid without making smaller sections or partings results in a loss of up to four inches of hair. To do so, first make a center part. Starting from this center part, part the hair over the top of each ear. This will create four sections of hair. To create four ponytails, tie the hair in front of each ear into ponytails, and then tie the hair behind each ear into ponytails
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  4. Make a ponytail using an elastic band. Ensure the band is tight around the hair to keep the hair together after cutting. If the hair comes out of the band it will not be usable. (A second hair band can be placed around the middle of the ponytail to help keep the hair together after cutting.Use a more bands to keep hair safe.)
  5. Ensure the elastic band is just below where you want to cut your hair.It is better to braid the hair.
  6. Measure the length of the ponytail from the elastic band; make sure that the hair is at least 15 inches ie 38 cms (Any length shorter than 15 inches is too short to be used in a ladies wig and cannot be used. (If your hair is not 15 inches, continue to grow your hair out.) If you have more than 15 inches ie 38 cms please cut only 15 inches and donate another ponytail next year.
  7. Cut the hair just above the elastic band such that the band remains on the ponytail after cutting and keeps the hair together. Do not wash or style the ponytail in any way after it has been cut off. You can braid it
  8. We also accept old wigs, falls, hair extensions of Human hair only.
  9. Place the ponytail, kept intact and completely dry, in plastic bag. Hair that is swept off the floor is not usable. Place the plastic bag with the ponytail in a padded or plastic envelope.Please mention the length on the cover. Mail to address given below.. Fr.Alex Praikalam CMI
    Director, Sarga Kshetra cultural centre. Kurishinmoodu P.O., Chetipuzha,Changanacherry, Kottayam,Kerala, India.
    PIN : 686 104
  10. Please keep a self addressed stamped envelope if you need  a receipt.
  11. Please DO NOT publish the picture till we upload it on hair for Hope India . You can publish it a day after we publish it on our page.
  12. If possible take a video of the hair cut and say a few words about why you donated and email it to us too
  13. Please do not forget to email a picture. Every picture can inspire hundreds.Email to even if you are sending others.

  14. Contact Father Alex Mob: +91 9496464118 if you would like to sponsor a few wigs. He might be able to even let you give it personally to the patient.
  15. Residents of UAE can send to the  Pink Caravan/Friends of cancer patients , Sharjah(Supreme council for family affairs ,Dept. of Children Centers Corniche St,Al Qulayaa,Opp Sharjah ladies Club – إمارة الشارقةّ – United Arab Emirates who will send it to the Children’s cancer centre , Lebanon.
  16. Residents of USA can send to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Our aim is only to save hair from the bin.
  17. If you are an NRI from North, West or East  India please organise a  small event in a school /college or club in your home town during the summer holidays and donate in front of a crowd. We need NRIs to spread awareness all over India since we do not have funds to advertise. A number of NRIs have helped by donating at our events in India. Contact
  18. The youngest organiser is 10 year old Hima.She advised students to tie a rubber band at the exact point and then arranged a volunteer to cut the ponytail. We encourge all students too to address the school assembly and talk about Hair for hope India.
 For free wigs

Economically challenged chemo patients can now contact us via Sargakshetra Cultrual Centre /whatsapp at Tel-0091 9496464118 and Vijayapuram Social Service Society at Tel 0091 8281822901 OR



The campaign was inspired by an 10 year old boy Dylan, an NRI who grew his hair for 4 years braving all bullying just to donate his hair.A chance meeting with him in 2012 inspired Premi Mathew to create awareness on her page called Protect your mom campaign in 2012. The first donor Nisha was inspired by a post on the page.

A facebook group managed by Premi Mathew ,the founder connects all the volunteers from all over and aggregates them to different regions so that they can collaborate. It maybe the first such virtual organisation. Premi also manages the page ,PR, correspondence , website and the administration of events.We need strong volunteers like Deepika, Swetha and Soumya  students who coordinated the events at  Bangalore , Manipal and Cochin University  successfully

Various organisations like NSS, Rotaract Clubs and registered charitable trusts like Sargakshetra Cultural Centre are organising hair donation and wig donation events and supporting the movement. Oberoi Mall , Mumbai and Mantri Mall Bangalore also held grand events covered by media in association with us. Chief of NSS , Mr Santhosh Kumar held one of the biggest events at Kochi. Amala Medical College , Trichur held one of the biggest wig donation events where 10 wigs were donated. The latest event will be at Gujarat .


  • In 10 months hair donation has become a movement in Chennai, Bangalore and Kerala and over 3000 have donated at various event
  • The first campaign in Kerala to donate wigs
  • The first major campaign in India to collect hair from all over India and conduct events
  • Held over 10 events in Kerala and one major event in Manipal,Gujarat, Hyderabad., Delhi , Bangalore, Mumbai, Mangalore covered by leading papers
  • Created awareness in Dhaka , Kuwait, Saudi, Italy, Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc via NRI fans who donated.
  • The only campaign with zero staff and zero funds using only social media and PR
  • Donated over 60 wigs directly and over 300 wigs have been donated by various organisations who supported the movement.Finance is a major constraint. Since we have to pay wig maker.


Please email at after going through our website
Please share our pictures in every group / school / whatsapp etc. We rely on volunteers like you since facebook charges now and we don’t have funds to advertise.

You could oraganise small hair donation/ PYM events.

One donor would be enough to hold a hair donation event. Just cut the hair in front of a crowd, it could be a school assembly , club event , anything and takes only 5 minutes. Contact us and we will arrange press support.


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Anyone could contact us through protect your mom page and get the correct instructions to donate hair or through