8 Year old DYLAN inspires a movement in Dubai and India!

Dylan was only 6,when a neighbors daughter with beautiful long hair donated them for a natural wig for victims of hairloss, it set him thinking. A couple of weeks later, he asked for reasons of hair loss and decided for himself, “it is the worst to lose hair to cancer.”

When he voiced a desire to grow his hair and to donate, his mother didn’t think much about it and thought he’ll discover for himself it is not easy for a boy to grow his hair out and will give up!

Children can sometimes be cruel, adults too, they tell him he’s a girl, that he looks like a girl, hobo, crazy and such.
Maya his mother was concerned for his self esteem and ask constantly if he’s had it. She tried to make him aware, there are other ways to help but he’s strong on what he’s decided to do. Now ridicules are like water on a ducks back.
She can see this experience in turn is benefitting him.

When they gather in prayer, Dylan’s request to God is mostly for suffering children and sick people.

Dylan inspired Hair for Hope Dubai in 2011 which inspired many to donate their hair i
Dylan was thrilled to learn about Hair for Hope in Dubai and said, “so 48more people will have hair?”
“I believe I have a very aware and caring child on hand and want to be of as much support.”- Maya Dylan’s mother

All human beings could serve as hair factories for cancer patients who need it desperately to look like a human being. But only a few think of doing such amazing things. Silently setting off a movement and inspiring people he has’nt even seen!

Today, 2 years later, he finally cuts
his 16″ ponytail after inspiring many in India to donate through Hair for Hope Inidia!